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As a chef or restaurateur, an empty plate is probably one of your most favorite sights. But, when plates don’t come back empty, how do you find out why? How do you improve on your offering and service to lock in repeat customers?

With knowye, we’re passionate about food. Food is what connects us all – it can evoke special memories and help us to create new ones with friends. 

Our food-centric engagement platform is the industry’s first, and it’s been designed so that restaurants can give their guests added TLC:

T – tell your story. With knowye, you can speak directly to guests about your passion for food and the story behind your signature dishes.

L – learn about guests. You can learn about your guests by allowing them to filter the menu to their preferences, save their favorite dishes, and create wishlists of dishes they want to try in the future. 

C – connect with guests. You can review guest engagement and extend personalized offers to them. 

Paper menus have been around forever. So it can be difficult to picture a future where guests are looking at menus on their personal digital devices. To help you visualize this amazing new reality, and to learn more about what knowye has to offer, take a look at our explainer video:

In this digital era, guests expect more engagement than ever before. knowye gives you the opportunity to delight your customers, while gathering insight into exactly what your guests are starving for! 

Every plate has a story. Let us tell yours.