The Chef Experience - knowye

Chefs, interact with your guests through your menu

Guests don’t want to install an app for each restaurant. knowye is a universal menu app that guests use on their own devices.

knowye provides a touchless menu experience that gives them a greater comfort level and keeps your staff and guests safer not passing menus around.

Tell your story

Learn about guests and their preferences

Connect with your guests one-on-one

Extend personalized offers (coming soon)

Chefs, interact with your guests through your menu

Get feedback from guests and privately see how they rate your creations

Know zip codes of who views your menu

See what guests have added to their favorites and wish lists

Attract repeat customers and new business!

It’s all about TLC

While your focus is on giving your guests some much needed TLC while they take a break from cooking/eating at home, our focus is on helping you give that TLC as seamlessly and specifically as possible for each guest.

T – Tell Your Story

Did you know humans process visuals 60,000 times faster than text? Tell the story behind the taste with layouts and features that highlight the unique look, suppliers, and preparation of your dishes.

  • Food-Centric Features + Layouts

L – Learn About Guests

Learn about your guests by allowing them to filter the menu to their preferences, save their favorite dishes, and create wish lists of dishes they want to try in the future.

  • Find out what’s cooking and what’s coming out cold.

C – Connect With Guests

Review guest engagement and receive feedback on menu items. Provide personalized offers and run campaigns.

  • Private Channels for Guest Feedback

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