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knowye - know what you eat

Menu-level behavior insights for restaurateurs

Find out how your guests interact and engage with your menu. What did they consider, but eventually pass on? What are the top five items guests look at, and do they match the top five items ordered? 

Every plate has a story. How do you tell yours?

Centralized Menu Hosting
Menu-Level Insights
Match your menu to guest dietary restrictions

Key Features

Key Features - knowye app
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Food-Centric Features + Layouts
Understand what your guests are hungry for
Direct, private feedback channel for guests

For Real Foodies: Centralized Menu Hosting + Management

Every dining experience starts with your menu, but we’ve learned that the menu is the most underutilized marketing asset for most restaurants. Is your menu working for you?

Centralized Menu Hosting + Management

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Give guests added T L C using knowye menus to TELL your story, LEARN about guests, and CONNECT over food.

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